Villeroy & Boch


Villeroy & Boch - the world famous and hugely respected manufacturers of high quality sanitaryware and other home product lines include a range of exculsive spas and hot tubs, designed using the latest in cutting edge, hot tub design and technology 

   The only company to use the patented Jetpak 11 technology, Villeroy & Boch spas use approx 90% less plumbing which ultimately gives more power than most conventional spas and makes the spas virtually leak-proof because of the way they are plumbed. the unique Villeroy and boch design reduces the need for the majority of long lengths of pipework in the spa cabinet and cuts the need for diverter valves so full power is simultaneously supplied to all jets at the same time. Minimal heat loss is achieved since the majority of the unit is submersed in the warm spa water within the shell itself.


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The Jet Pak 11 systems allows your hot tub to be updated whenever you require - when new JetPaks are designed and released you simply remove one Pak and slot a new one in.

  • The sleek elegant design has been universally praised as stylish and eye catching and the advanced engineering in the all new JetPak II™ Therapy System was seen as a revolution in spa technology that creates the ultimate personalized spa experience.
  • No wood or fibreglass is used in the construction so nothing will rot over time. Spas are available in a choice of shell, wall and cover colours to compliment your garden, patio or conservatory and are designed to be used all year round!