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Algaecides & Flocs

Algaecides & Flocs
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Portland Algae Controller 2 Litres
Portland Algae Controller is a high quality algaecide which if used regularly will prevent algae gro..
Ex Tax: £15.90
Portland Summerclear 2L
Summerclear is an effective copper free summer algaecide which will help prevent the multiplication ..
Ex Tax: £18.58
Clear N Clean 1 Litre
Clear 'N' Clean is the one treatment algae eliminator which gives clear water for up to six months a..
Ex Tax: £18.00
Bayrol Desalgine 3L
Desalgine® is a concentrated liquid algaecide for the prevention of algae growth. In addition, Desa..
Ex Tax: £40.20
Portland Flocculant Granules 2KG
Granular Flocculant sinks unwanted deris to the bottom of the swimming pool creating clear sparkling..
Ex Tax: £9.80
Portland Cationic Liquid Clarifier 2Ltrs
Portland Cationic liquid is a highly effective dual action pool water polisher, that collects small ..
Ex Tax: £11.33
Portland Filter Floc Tablets 50g
Clarity problems may occur when undissolved solids are present in pool water, either due to heavy us..
Ex Tax: £11.00
Bayrol Filter Shock Tab 1kg
  FilterShock Tab is a patented 200 g chlorine tablet for dual disinfection of the sand filter..
Ex Tax: £15.20
Fi Clor Granular Floc
Fi-Clor Granular Floc clarifies pool water by total floc treatment, removing large amounts of suspen..
Ex Tax: £14.24
Bayrol Superflock
Bayrol Superflock, continuous flocculation cartridge - aluminium sulfate features: improves filtra..
Ex Tax: £25.99
Bayrol Superklar 0.5L
  Superklar is a concentrated liquid with a clarifying effect for the removal of fine dirt par..
Ex Tax: £18.10
Jolly Gel
The new flocculant on the market works with sand filters and with Zeoclere because of the product’s ..
Ex Tax: £12.08